LITEFnd© Pile Technology

LITEFnd© range for supporting lightweight structures

GTL are the leading international experts in sustainable foundation solutions who specialise in innovative foundation technology.

We introduces our LITEFnd© range which has been developed for lightweight structures. Our LITEFnd© range consists of;

  • Helical Pile
  • TerraPin
  • Centrical Pile
  • PinPile
  • VibaFin


Used for the rapid installation of security fencing and gate posts. Undertaken using lightweight affordable plant. No excavation of wet trades is required. So minimalising site traffic. With the immediate erection of a pole or post after installation. Suitable for the majority of soil types, gradients and limited access. Extremely economical when compared with a traditional concrete foundation.


Reduction in engineering hours, the ability to work at night and the mitigation of infrastructure closures which causes disruption are all important factors when working on road and rail infrastructures. Reduced manpower ,which mitigates H&S risks, reduced traffic management and signalling costs. No excavation or spoil eliminates traffic movement. Our foundations conform to the latest transportation codes and Standards


Despite their ever-changing nature, signage and billboards require a solid base, firmly anchored to the ground. Whether installed along a highway or in front of your business, free-standing signs will benefit from being secured to the ground with LITEFnd galvanized screw piles. Designed to surpass the highest industry standards, they’re the best anchoring solution for signage and billboards.



Each PV support frame can be modified for the specific module dimensions and to the correct angle required for the latitude. And a simple, but effective, theft protection system is included to secure your assets.

GTL design the structure to withstand up to 250km/h wind speed and for at least 150kg/m2 of snow load Galvanised steel to EN1461 / EN 10346 standard