Game Keeper & Poacher?

GTL provide a high quality Claims and Cost Consultancy service for an array of solutions to End User Clients, Major Contractors and Sub-Contractors alike throughout the Global market. Our methods of working are flexible thus enabling us to meet our Clients’ requirements irrespective of the industry sector or country of operation.

Game Keeper & Poacher?

In the unfortunate event that a claim does arise, GTLs’ Consultants are ideally equipped to assist our Clients in identifying, assessing and/or validating entitlement allied to the quantification of any damages, thus promoting a successful resolution in an efficient and timely manner.

GTL offer the following Claims Consultancy Services:

  • Construction Claims Identification
  • Extension of Time Claims
  • Loss & Expense Claims
  • Delay & Disruption Claims
  • Change Order Impacts
  • Damages Assessment

For any project the most opportune time to make the biggest positive impact on costs is in the early Bid stages, identifying contractual liabilities and associated risks ensuring that adequate assumptions and clarification are highlighted within the Bid Submission. Ensuring sub-contracts are placed in the correct order etc. Time spent at this stage will result in the reduction of any potential claims from sub-contractors and nasty shocks from clients.

Our bespoke services are designed to ensure the best defence possible from contractual problems further through the project life cycle.

Cost Management & QS

In Construction all projects go through an amount of “change”, it’s inevitable. However, how you manage these “changes” and ultimately resolve their cost and programme implications which can greatly enhance the contracts cash flow and ultimately the profit at the end of the project or badly managed, “change” can kill your cash flow and add to the loss incurred in the contract.


  • Estimating
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Contract selection advice
  • Strategic and specific “optioneering”
  • Cost Benchmarking
  • Cost modelling / planning and due diligence
  • Risk mitigation
  • Supply chain management
  • Value analysis and value engineering.

Post Contract

  • Monthly valuation of works
  • Change control and accounting
  • Managing Costs
  • Valuation of variations
  • Predictive and actual cost reporting
  • Payment controls and final accounting
  • Post implementation reviews and close-out
  • Project auditing
  • Trade contractor procurement
  • Earned value

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