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GTL are the leading international experts in sustainable foundationsolutions who specialise in innovative foundation technologies toclients worldwide.


Our vision is to pioneer positive change in the renewable energy sector. At GTL Energy, we are committed to leading by example in addressing pressing issues such as climate change and decarbonisation. Our focus extends to incorporating innovative solutions like helical anchors for the installation of solar panels, ensuring efficiency and sustainability in every step of our operations.


Committed to turning away from concrete, we leverage technologies like helical piles for solar panel installations to ensure efficiency and environmental responsibility. Beyond business success, we aim to create lasting value for our team and shareholders.

Engineered Solutions

GTL offer a turnkey design and build solution in accordance with International standards/codes. Our engineering design includes performing geotechnical, structural and corrosion calculations.

We are perform load tests to verify design and product capacities. Solar arrays have unique loading conditions, including cyclic wind and seismic forces which our helical anchors accommodate extremely well. The piles resist tension and lateral forces imposed on racking systems via the helical bearing plates, strategically located on the central pile shaft, this generates an anchor via a soil plug (influence cone) which resists these tension loads. This ensures our technology is more effective than current specified foundations which rely merely on either friction or weight to resist these tension loads.

Our products are prefabricated within a controlled enviroment, not contructed on-site which eliminates quality issues and guarantees longevity.

Simple Installation

A speedy installation rate with no excavation or concrete, typically a two-man crew can install a foundation in 10 minutes. Reduce work tasks and material delieveries mitigate vehicle movement which reduces environmental disruption and carbon emission.

The pile is designed to be installed either above, flush or below the surrounding ground level. The top of the pile is fitted with a set of levelling and aligning screw adjusters that enable detailed location of the support to be achieved.

The simple installation process enables the pile to be installed in all weather conditions and in confined or restricted locations.

The LITEFnd© range are generally fabricated from carbon steel with a guaranteed design life. They are lightweight which enables manually lifting.

Versatile Applications

The LITEFnd© foundations range has been designed to provide a support base for applications requiring an easy-to-install solution.

The GTL LITEFnd© range is based on the helical pile foundation and used as a structural base to accommodate an array of lightweight structures including:

  • Solar arrays
  • Floating solar farms Solar Carports
  • EV Charging Stations
  • Wind turbines
  • Geothermal plants
  • Hydropower structures
  • Ocean energy structures
  • Bioenergy plants

The Advantages

  • Installation speed
  • Reduced traffic management and line closure periods
  • Ability to install out of hours
  • Increased installation accuracy
  • Increased lateral resistance
  • No curing time so loads can be applied immediately
  • No spoil
  • No de-watering
  • Vibration free and minimal noise
  • Segmented sections for reduced head heights
  • Quickly removed and re-usable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Building on weak soils or difficult conditions
  • Weather conditions not a factor
  • No exposed excavated boreholes which are susceptible to collapse
  • Corrosion control
  • Reduced overall costs and overheads.
  • Reduced environmental disruption (less delivery of materials and cart away of excavated materials)
  • be above the ground so superstructure can be above the ground which increase longevity.

A full range of products

Our consultation is always in sync with your strategy

This brochure briefly introduces our LITEFnd©range which has been developed for lightweight structures. Our LITEFnd© range consists of;

  • Helical Pile /Anchors
  • TerraPin
  • Centrical Pile
  • PinPile
  • VibaFin