We believe that construction and engineering should consistently review alternative methodologies and evolve from the more traditional processes. Clients are demanding safer, more cost effective and sustainable solutions, delivered faster and to higher standards.

We are doing just that with ‘modular offsite construction’.

Today we are delivering an extensive range of modular design solutions, all provided to meet target costs, target schedules and target specifications. Our early involvement in the design process allows us to address construction and engineering challenges long before work begins on site, which is particularly advantageous where adverse environmental elements and/or hostile conditions are a concern.

There is enormous potential to move this approach far beyond the building sector, applying modular methodologies to large-scale infrastructure schemes including the construction of Oil & Gas facilities and other utilities. Already, we are pioneering this high-tech approach on several Oil & Gas projects within the MENA region and we believe it has the capability to transform the industry.

We specialise in offering both standard, ‘plug & play’ configurations, as well as fully bespoke solutions for Clients who require the advantages of offsite modular construction (program savings, project certainty, quality control and reduced weather/security dependency) without compromising architectural or aesthetic design or site utilisation.

By taking large proportions of the fabrication and construction work offsite, many of the hazards inherent with traditional construction projects are eliminated or significantly reduced, as well as the exponential increase in efficiency, which comes with operating in a controlled environment.

The methodology can be applied almost anywhere; individual or collective housing, schools, hospitals, warehouses & industrial facilities, hotels, oil & gas infrastructure and humanitarian projects in remote areas.

We also have the capability to offer hybrid solutions utilising panellised systems and traditional site-constructed elements to provide the most efficient and cost effective building solution.

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